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There are four main sections of this Web site: Sales Planning, Sales Training, Specific Sales and the Sales Blog. Below, you'll find recent updates for each sales and marketing section.

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The 32 Worst Things You Can Do in Sales:

  1. Walking Away
  2. Not Looking Customers in the Eye
  3. Talking Too Much
  4. Not Listening to Customers
  5. Not Knowing Your Product
  6. Not Being Organized
  7. Getting Distracted
  8. Selling Price Alone
  9. Not Getting Proper Rest
  10. Getting Flustered (Lack of Production)
  11. Leaving Territory Too Quickly
  12. Being Rude to Customers
  13. Being Too Content
  14. Maintaining Poor Hygiene
  15. Pressuring Customers
  16. Not Having Fun
  17. Not Closing
  18. Lacking a Powerful Introduction
  19. Not Following Up With Customers
  20. Not Having a Strong Mentality
  21. Lacking Discipline
  22. Not Handling Objections
  23. Sounding Desperate
  24. Having Poor Customer Service
  25. Not Taking a Vacation
  26. Misreading Customers
  27. Lacking a Unique Sales Identity
  28. Not Letting Yourself Be Known
  29. Not Having Patience
  30. Not Holding Yourself Accountable
  31. Hitting on a Customer's Wife
  32. Acting Like a Salesperson
  33. Overview

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Are Objections That Bad:

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Why Sell?

A reason someone would want to sell is because they might have a service or product that they feel people would want. In addition, one might also have an idea or innovation that also will be able to be sold. If you have something that people want, people will not know what you have unless it becomes known. For a service, product, or idea to become known, you have to bring it to potential consumers and tell them why they need it.

Selling will usually come from your own confidence. Do you believe in what you're selling? Are you confident in what you are pushing? Are you sure the consumer will like your product or service? If not, your potential customer will pick up on your lack of confidence and tell you that they're not interested. However, if you are displaying the utmost confidence in yourself and/or what you have to offer, the consumer will pick that up too! When you're showing confidence, you're letting your customers know that you garauntee that you have something that they'll want.

The following pages of this Web site delve into the art of selling, techniques to increase your commissions and different ways to overcome objections, all of which will increase your confidence level as a salesperson. This site also maintains a sales blog, dissects every single portion of a sale and provides tips on how to reach new selling goals.

And the best part is, everything is COMPLETELY FREE. Unlike other sales sites, we're not asking you to mail us $39.99 for a bunch of sales and marketing tapes. We're not sending you a promotional packet in hopes that you'll spend money on our products. All of our sales and marketing pointers are available right at your fingertips at no charge. We hope that you'll find our information useful and that you'll return in the future, as we'll have new articles posted every week.


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