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The following is a bit of information about the co-founders of this Web site, Steven J. Schmidt and Walter Cherepinsky.

Steven J. Schmidt:

A graduate of Temple University in the field of marketing, Steven J. Schmidt has worked in sales for more than 14 years. He worked his way through high school and college, residentially and commercially, going door-to-door and business-to-business. He has marketed everything from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Triple A, Qwest, Cavalier, gas suppliers, and cable. He has trained over hundreds of successful sales representatives. With his sales experience and marketing degree, Steven was the sales supervisor for a major cable distributor on the East Coast, with more than 65 sales representatives working underneath him. Steven is currently is the co-owner of his business, based on service and sales. One of his main hobbies is making music and performing, and is currently finishing up his debut album.

Walter Cherepinsky:

A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University in the field of journalism, Walter Cherepinsky worked as a loan officer for a mortgage company right out of school. Walter then pursued to expand his Web site,, which was a hobby of his since 1999. Using different marketing techniques and strategies, Walter increased the popularity of his site, which became his full-time job in the summer of 2007. Walter currently owns multiple Web sites and plans on expanding even further. Walter is also in the process of writing his first book, Debacled.

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