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Sales Training - Having Fun

By Steven J. Schmidt

If you're in sales, whether it's residential or commercial, you must have fun. I'm not saying that you won't make money if you have fun, but your chances to succeed will dramatically increase when you do.

Many people don't like what they do for a living. That's a simple fact of life. If you don't believe me, ask 10 people; I'm willing to bet that seven out of the 10 will tell you that they don't like what they do. Being in sales, one usually likes the interaction with people, and of course the ability to control your own income. When you're a salesperson, you have interaction with people, every day that you go to work. It becomes part of your daily livelihood.

Let's say you're a residential sales rep for Verizon Fios. First of all, being a residential rep, you get the opportunity to be outside all the time. You can breathe fresh air and walk constantly. This means you'll probably be in good physical shape; at the very least, you get to exercise every day. Now, during your sales pitch to the customer, you'll tell them all the features and benefits that they'll receive once they switch to Fios. If you like sports, you should engage in sports talk with your customers; not only talking about the sports packages you offer, but also just chatting about local sports teams. If you can have friendly conversations with your customers, your sales will increase.

If you're a pharmaceutical rep, chances are you get to cover a geographical area, perhaps as many as three or four states at certain time periods. The great thing about doing that is that you get to travel and see the countryside. You're allowed to enjoy yourself, assuming you like traveling. Sometimes work can be very stressful, and we all know that, but if you're traveling, it may take the pressure off a little bit.

Another avenue of having fun while working in sales is competition. Friendly competetion is something I used to have so much fun doing with my co-workers. When I was working for the newspaper, sometimes my co-workers and I would work every other door. There were times, that after every door I knocked on, I would ask my colleague, "How many sales do you have?" If I had four sales and he said he had five, that would pump me up to get five or more before he earned his sixth sale so that I could tie or overtake him.

We weren't earning the big-time money LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are making, but we definitely had so much fun with competing against each other. In addition, while pushing each other to get more sales, we also made more money. I'd say that's a nice bonus, wouldn't you?

Lastly, while working residentially or commercially, making connections to the outside world is always priceless. Let's say you're a real estate agent and you're selling a house to a doctor. Suppose you were looking for a new doctor and did such a good job selling the house, the doctor asked, "Why don't you come in for a free check-up?" You might have just sold your way to a new doctor.

Maybe you're involved in advertising and you made a sale for the Philadelphia 76ers to advertise on the radio station you work for. Wouldn't it be great if you received two free tickets to a game? Does that sound like fun? Well, my friends, that happens all the time!

Having goals is also something that is fun and something you should strive for. I delve more into Sales Goals here, but having goals, whether they're small or large, are good to have because it's fun to try to achieve the goals that you set out for yourself. It also feels good to accomplish those goals. Some goals might be how many units you want to sell hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. You can have goals on how much money you want to make as well.

Being in sales is usually one of the only jobs that allows you to have a tremendous amount of freedom and independence. You're basically running your own business. If you're on commission, you can work as little or much as you want. Of course, if you don't sell, you'll make less money. On the other side of the coin, if you sell a lot, you can potentially make tons of cash.

There may be days during your sales career that you might not even want to go out and sell. You also have to remember that you have to push yourself because it's how you make a living, and having fun will help you get through the worst of days.

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