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Sales Planning - Objections

By Steven J. Schmidt

Gaining the attention or interest of the customer is the first step in the journey of a sale. Just because you gain the interest of a customer doesn't mean that you're already making the sale. Yes, of course there will be some sales that pretty much fall into your lap because the customer wants the product or service. This sales Web site doesn't deal with that because all you have to do to get that type of sale is just show up.

You want to build value of the product or service that you are selling once you have gained their interest. However, before you do that you will encounter resistance, or Objections. The Objections are a way of a customer building an imaginary wall, and it's up to you as the sales person to either go around it burst right through it.

In this chapter, we will cover many objections, and I'm sure you will discover your own objections once you are out there. We will discuss how you want to handle these objections in a systematic way and then go into specific objections by using the techniques we have discussed.

Handling objections are described many different ways by many different sales people. However the way that I've learned is to first agree with the customer, then turn around the customer's objection, and then to close the deal.

Agreeing with someone is basically saying that you understand where they are coming from. Once you do that, it makes the person feel as if someone is listening to them, and sometimes that's all people want to hear, especially in sales.

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