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Are Objections That Bad? Introduction

By Steven J. Schmidt

Objections give you a great way to sharpen your sales skills. After a while, you'll start hearing a lot of the same objections, and you will start to get really good at turning those same objections around rather easily. In fact, you can almost predict when a customer is about to use a particular objection. You might face objections that were hard, and all of a sudden, they start to become easy.

Having the ability to read objections well comes with knowledge and experience. The more knowledge you have about your customers, the more you can successfully answer them and the more experience you get with those so called "tough objections."

Let's get into another one of my famous examples that are starting to turn this world upside down. OK, that was just a joke, but I can still dream. Either way, when I first started to work for a cable company, I used to always get the objection, "I hate Cavendish Cable; your customer service is the worst!"

I would go through the agreement, turn-around, and the close, as I talked about earlier in Marketing Plan section. I would eventually get the sale, but after a lot of struggling with the customer. I would basically try to be as nice as possible, and say, "I'll leave you with my number, and we've turned a new leaf as a company in that department."

To be perfectly honest with you, that did not always work. So, I figured, why don't I try something new? Something where I just acted the same way the customer acted toward me.

Once the customer said, "I hate C.U. TV Cable because of their crappy customer service," I would say, "You know what, you're right, they do have crappy customer service, and I can't stand it either. But I will promise that this will be a much better experience."

The way I approached this was that I confidently met the customer with the same energy they gave to me. In addition, I matched the customer's attitude.

Many times, people are aggressive, and it may seem rude and nasty; yet all they are doing is just testing you. They are testing you, to see if you're genuine, and if the product or service you're selling is the real deal.

Let's face it; salespeople are everywhere, so it's a salesperson's job, to differentiate themselves from the rest. The good ones have to think outside the box. When you clash with someone head to head, like I did, you're showing the customer that you're not afraid to tell them like it is, and that you're not hiding anything, which means the customer will believe anything that you tell them.

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