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Sales Planning - Referrals

By Steven J. Schmidt

Once the sale (and upsell) are closed, you want to then work on your referrals. Referrals are a huge part of your business as a salesperson because if a potential customer comes to you instead of the other way around, it's so much easier to sell to them.

Of course you want to gove your business card and information out, but you also want to get all of the customer's information as well, including phone numbers and an e-mail address. You want to tell them, "Thanks for taking the time to listening to me, and i just want to let you know that i would like you to give my card to your family and friends so they can take advantage of the same offer I gave to you. In addition, I'll be able to give you a discount."

Now, that last part isn't always true; you may want to check with your boss first. Another way to get referrals is for you to ask them to write down five or 10 names of family and friends on their contact information. Of course, not everyone will do this, but you'd be suprised on how many people will do so. You see, in sales, once you gain the customer's tust, that's the whole nine yards. Since you gained their trust, they will trust that you will treat their family and friends with the same respect you gave them. In addition, the customer will want thier family and friends to jump on the bandwagon. And guess what? Evereyone likes to jump on the bandwagon. Plus, if people think they're getting a great deal on something, they usually love being the one to inform everyone else about it.

This is how this would work: "Mr. McKay, now that we're set up for you to get the alarm system for your business, I want you to please give me 10 friends and family that I can call to give the the same deal as i gave you."

If you're a car salesman and you came down in your commissions, but you netted an exta two or three sales out of the initial sale that you made, the small commissions will start adding up, and before you know it, people will be calling you left and right just because you have the reputation of treating people fairly and giving people great deals.

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