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The 32 Worst Things You Can Do in Sales:

20. Not Having a Strong Mentality

By Steven J. Schmidt (3/8/09)

Salesmen are always known for their thick skin. It's believed that we can go into Siberia, absolutely naked, and still be warm. Now, that could very well be a slight exaggeration, but in order to be successful in sales, you DO need to have thick skin. In other words, you need to be mentally tough. If you can't be mentally tough, you just won't be good at sales. You will not be able to take rejection, which happens to be a huge part of the sales game.

Customers will always put up walls, and it's your job to climb over those walls. You have to be able to make someone interested in what you are selling when they didn't have any interest in the first place.

You need to be able to overcome their objections when they say, "I really do not think I can fit that into my budget this year." You have to be able to follow up with, "I completely understand that you want to cut down your expenses with this economy being the way that it is right now. But let me show you that this will be worth purchasing, and you will see the value you are getting with this great sales tutorial. Plus, what do you have to lose? If it doesn't work, you will get all of your money back. You can't beat that; not even with a stick."

That is just an example of overcoming an objection. I know many people out there who would just walk away from that potential client, and say, "Yes, the times are tough... well, just call me if you're interested."

That salesperson is obviously not going to get that sale. And do you really think that customer even wants to give their business to someone who pretty much walked away from them? You can't sell yourself short and beat yourself up before you even get started. You have have it in your mind that even though the times are tough, I can talk to this person about my product because it will be a benefit to them and they'll get a great return on their investment.

That is what value and benefits are all about. You're showing the customer how they will benefit from the product or service that you are selling. In addition, you have to explain why your product or service is valuable to them. Without being mentally tough and knowing that you can do a good job of explaining the value and benefits of your product or service, you're defeating yourself.

Being mentally tough does not only take place when you're out in the field. It has to happen even before you even get into your car. It starts when you wake up. its starts when you working out or eating breakfast in the morning. Before you even start working, you need to say to yourself that you are not going to take "no" for an answer, and you are going to be persistent, no matter how many times you get beaten up by a customer. You NEED to know that there are plenty of customers who WANT to be sold that day. Your job is to get to them before another mentally tough salesperson does!

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