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The 32 Worst Things You Can Do in Sales:

28. Not Letting Yourself Be Known

By Steven J. Schmidt (4/6/09)

One of the main attributes in sales that must be focused on is letting your potential customers know that you are there. Door-to-door or business-to-business sales is a great way to get yourself out there. And on top of that, once you are in a geographical area, you must let potential customers know that you provided a service or product to some of their neighbors.

If you do not, you are 100-percent selling yourself short of obtaining as many sales in that area as you can get. In addition, not letting yourself be known in that area, is like throwing away business.

I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. When you provide a service or give a solid product to a customer, the chances are the neighbors want to know about it. Therefore, suppose you are selling gutter guards (a protective system installed into your gutters so that water can run more smoothly so that your gutters will not get as clogged from debris, leaves or dirt.) You sign up a residential customer, and they become happy with your gutter guards. A smart move would be to knock on the neighbor's door during the actual time of installation.

You can use such lines as, "You can take a look at our work right now," and "Look, your neighbors are getting our gutter guards installed, when is a good day to set you up?" You can also leave fliers or business cards if the neighbors aren't home. If your company allows it, you should write on the flier or business card, "Take a look at your neighbor at 108 Dharma Lane. We installed the gutter guards for Mrs. Goodspeed."

Another great tool could be to use lawn signs if your company has them . Most companies will have them, and you should ask for them. You can put a lawn sign on the corner of the street that you are working, or on a customer's lawn if they allow it. When you get a customer at the door, you can refer them to the lawn sign and that will help with credibility. Also, people driving or walking by will become aware of who you are.

The longer that you stay in an area, the more business you will get from that area. Once you do business with a customer - and it has to be good business - it should be like winning the lottery. Once the word gets out that you are the man or woman that is the salesperson for that area, the people will flock to you.

They will not care as much about price; they'll want the relationship with good service, like all of their neighbors have. Let the people know who you are, and that they can trust you to be the person to go to when they want or need your services or products, or even if they simply just have a question. A question or comment can always be turned into a sale.

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