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Sales Blog - Don't Give Up

By Steven J. Schmidt (6/11/08)

I once went door-to-door in a residential area as an estimator for household services, such as washing windows, power washing and installing gutter guards. Gutter guards is an insert that goes into your gutters, and prevents leaves and dirt from getting into the gutters.

Either way, I was selling on the street door-to-door and I just couldn't get a sale. It was the first day I was selling in this industry, but after one hour of being out there, I couldn't even get a single sale. I started to get a bit frustrated because I was trying to figure out different ways of selling and alternative approaches that might work better.

I attempted the aggressive style and tried to push, but that did not work. The customer just kept saying, "I am not interested," or "I do them myself."

However, I knew they were lying to me because I could see that they either didn't wash their windows or did a poor job of doing so, as their windows were really dirty.

I even tried to be very relaxed, but that didn't work because it sounded like I was just informing them that I was going to be there, and they didn't have a clue that I was the one trying to sell them my services.

So, I found something that worked, and that was the "Act like it's not that big of a deal approach." Basically, I would say, "I'm just in the neighborhood to let you know that we are giving free estimates on window washing. We will be here doing your neighbors throughout this week and all of next week. If you'd like, I can take two or three minutes, and ring your door bell with a free estimate when I'm done doing so."

I finally got someone, who wanted an estimate for his entire house, including the windows being washed, power washing, and having the gutter guards installed. I ended up giving him an estimate of $1,800 for all 3 services.

All of a sudden, "Boom," as John Madden would put it. I achieved one sale and suddenly I felt confident. I earned another sale a few doors down, but this was a small window job that I estimated and sold for $150.

As a sales rep, you typically get 30 percent commission of the actual sale made. Therefore, 30 percent of those two sales comes out to $585 for the day. Now, I don't about you, but making that kind of money in one day is not to shabby. What do you think?

Imagine, mastering the craft, and selling for much longer than two hours, which is what I was out there for. You can see the potential in this, or in any field of sales, for that matter. The idea is to find the right way to sell the product or service that you are pushing. I'm not saying that it'll be easy to do that, but as long as you're dedicated to finding the best technique, you will discover it.

Sales is a numbers game, as I've mentioned throughout this Web site. You're bound to have sales fall in your lap, literally, while you are trying to master your craft.

You have to be willing to accept that you might be out knocking on doors for five hours and not getting one sale for four hours. Suddenly, in your last hour, you may get two sales like I did, or the one big sale, which would make up for your entire day.

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