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Sales Blog - Who's the Boss?

By Steven J. Schmidt (6/30/08)

One of the main components to being successful in sales is always being in control. You want to tell the customer what to do and why they should buy from you. You want to explain why your service or product will help benefit them.

Customers will always play devil's advocate and try to find something wrong with what you're selling. Thus, if you're selling to a business, they'll want to know if any other businesses has bought whatever product or service you're pushing. The same goes for residential customers. They want to know which neighbor has your product.

As long as you have a product that does what you say it will, you're golden. Suppose the customer is giving you a tough time and doesn't believe you about gutter guards. You then have to break the customer down by saying, "If you give me one minute of your time, I can show you how this works and how much this will benefit your well being. Plus all of your neighbors are getting this. This is a necessity; not a luxury. My family has this, and I would not give it to them if I didn't believe in this product that strongly."

The truth is, I would sell anything to my family and use them as test dummies first, just in case the product or service is horrible. No, I'm just kidding, but when customers hear that you sold a product or service to people who trust you, such as your family, it makes that customer feel more comfortable. Additionally, if you sold to their neighbors, you better tell them that too. That is extra leverage that you need, which keeps you in control because you're showing the customer that even their neighbors understand that they need this product or service.

You have to, of course, believe in the product or service that you're selling. You have to tell the customer why they need it and why getting it is a priority. You have to show them that you're an expert, and you must educate them so they can see why they need to buy your product. You're basically there to make them a believer in what you're selling.

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