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Sales Blog - Don't Sound Desperate

By Steven J. Schmidt (7/4/08)

I was working in a very wealthy residential area, trying to sell windows to people who needed to replace their existing ones. I was very excited because wealthy people usually tend to spend money pretty frivolously.

I would explain to these people how great the windows were; how difficult it was to scratch them up; and how beautiful they looked. However, I started getting a lot of "not interested," or "maybe later, can you give me your card?" Of course, I also got the "I already have someone whom I buy windows from."

I tried everything, including, "Is there a reason that you don't want to replace your windows, considering the bad condition that they're in?" For the people with different window distributors, I tried, "What if I can save you money and show you windows that are nicer than your existing ones?" To no avail, I didn't have anyone who was interested, or would bite on the windows I was pushing. Keep in mind, it was the middle of summer, and it was hot outside, so I was getting really frustrated as well.

I decided to take a break. I had some cold water and peanut butter crackers in my car. I hopped into my vehicle, cranked the air conditioning up, drank some water and ate the crackers. I felt a bit cooler and a bit stronger, so I decided to stay out longer. I didn't intend for that to rhyme, or maybe I did. OK, who cares, back to the story...

So, I felt a bit rejuvenated, and asked myself what I was doing wrong. I decided to stay calm in my speech instead of sounding so excited. The first door I knocked on, I received a much better response, and I took the person's information (phone number, name and address) so that I can use that as a lead. I talked to a few more people, with much better responses, and then I finally got a sale. Before the end of the night, I received one more sale and another strong lead.

I decided to keep my speech calm because I may have sounded excited in my head, but to the customer I appeared desperate, almost as if I needed the sale. The "calm way" sounded as if I already had a few sales in the neighborhood, and that I was supposed to be there.

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