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Sales Blog - Keep Fighting

By Steven J. Schmidt (7/24/08)

Have you ever had one of those days where it just wasn't clicking? Everything that you said was not being said right? You didn't have the confidence, enthusiasm and persistence, and even walked away from potential sales?

Well, I have, and I think at one point or another, we all have had those type of days that may have extended into a slump, lasting a week or two. That's the epitome of hitting rock bottom in the sales world. As a salesperson, you completely question yourself; you question whether or not you can still make a sale. You question whether or not this is still for you. You even question yourself as a person.

The question is, what do you do in a situation like this? Well, there are two options:

Option A: Completely stop selling and get an hourly job or a salary job, where you will most likely make less and not have the same potential as you did in sales.

Option B: Pick yourself up off the canvas, get back on track and keep swinging like Rocky Balboa. Don't lose focus; remember that sales is all about performance, and even when things get tough in your personal life, you have to rise above everything and overcome. Rocky could have stopped fighting after he was knocked out by Clubber Lang and watched his beloved trainer die Rocky 3. Rocky went back to the basics, trained, and eventually beat Clubber Lang.

When I was going door-to-door, I once had a stretch of not getting a sale over a few days. I became concerned, worried, nervous, and questioned if I could still do this. After a couple of days, I re-grouped the night before and told myself that I wasn't going out without a fight. I told myself that I was going to get a few sales. Instead of acting desperate at the door like I did previously, I made it a mission to act relaxed in my presentation. I figured that if I got the sale, I got it, and if I didn't, I didn't. I made myself sound as if I was supposed to be there.

Everything changed, and I earned two sales that day. The confidence came back, and I went on to have one of the best sales months in recent history.

When you're in sales, there might be a few draughts, but you have to maintain a mentality where you will always fight another day. That could be the difference between getting out of a slump and staying in one for a few weeks.

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