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Sales Blog - Don't Be Afraid

By Steven J. Schmidt (9/21/08)

When you're in the business of sales, you have to take chances and refrain from being afraid to lose a potential deal. It's just a fact of life - sometimes you will lose a deal because you were too strong, or maybe not strong enough. A lot of those deals are usually have you asking yourself, "Did I want that person as a customer in the first place?"

I was in a situation where I was working for a company that supplied gas at a cheaper price than the actual gas company. At this company, I would work off of appointments. Basically, there would be tons of leads coming in, and it was my job to go to the customer's business and explain to them why they should use our service.

A lot of businesses were very hesitant because they felt that the gas company was the company that HAD to supply them with gas. They did not want to understand that they could actually tell buy gas from a different supplier than the actual gas company, and save tons of money in the process. This is where I had to educate the consumer as much as I possibly could.

However, that didn't always work because some business owners were very stubborn. They just wanted to stay with what they had because why fix something if it's not broken? I would say to them, "I understand you have a fear that this might mess your bill up, or your gas may not work properly. But, I assure you all that you are doing is telling the gas company where to buy the gas, and for what price. Additionally, you can actually buy environmentally cleaner gas."

On one occasion, after a long time of going back and forth, the business owner said, "I will call you if I'm interested, but I'm just not going to do it right now." I replied: "OK, do you understand what I'm saying in that you will save money and help the environment without anything going awry?" The owner nodded his head. I told him, "Well, then you would be a fool to at least not give this a try. This is not a life-altering decision. Just give it a shot, and if you don't like it, you can always switch back. I am simply asking you to believe in me, with what I have told you. Give us a try and you will not be disappointed!"

After I said all of that, it was a done deal. The key here, is that I spoke my mind and did not hold anything back. Every salesperson has their own personality and their own way of connecting to people. Sometimes you have to make the people realize that there is reason why you are out there hustling so hard. A common belief is that salespeople are trying to make a sale and take your money. Sometimes that is true. However, if you truly believe in your product or service, you will definitely sound passionate about what you are selling.

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