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Sales Blog - You Never Know

By Steven J. Schmidt (10/18/08)

As a salesperson, you have to always be aware that at any given time, there could be a possibility of getting a sale, no matter where you are. You have to always be ready to seize an opportunity if one should present itself. Additionally, it is OK to go after opportunities and create your own opportunities to earn a few extra sales.

I'm not saying that you have to be obnoxious and give out your business card at inappropriate places, such as funerals or places of worship. However, as crazy and ridiculous as that sounds, I have seen people give out their information at such places to help promotes their business. Personally, when I've seen this happen, I thought it was humorous in a sick kind of way, but others thought there was nothing morally wrong about it. Others may think doing such a thing might be genius, because they are constantly marketing themselves, and creating more business and sales for themselves.

That said, I was at a family gathering a while ago - I was just relaxing and having a good time. The host approached me and asked, "So, what are you doing these days?" I told him that I was working in the household industry, window washing, power washing, and installation of gutter guards.

The more we talked about what I was doing, the more questions he had. He eventually told me he was interested in some of my services. I replied, "Well since I am here, I can give you a few estimates if you'd like?"

Keep in mind I took a very calm and laid back approach because this was not only someone I knew; but there was no need to force anything on him. Why, you might ask? Well, he knew me and felt comfortable enough to ask me for my business. People who know you are much more likely to do business with you because they trust you, which is why referrals from people who like the service you provided them with are more likely to use you and give you another sale.

Getting back to the customer, I gave him an estimate and told him, "I have to work the numbers out when I get home." He said, "sounds good," and I called him a few days later or so. He used my services and it was $1,650 sale for me. He was very happy with the service!

The moral of the story is that you have to always keep your guard up. If you are out with your family or on a date with your significant other, you may want to pick and choose your opportunities. But, if an opportunity presents itself, you have to seize it. This is another way of putting yourself over the top and taking yourself from one level of sales to catapulting yourself to another level. This could be the difference of making $50K and $65K a year.

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