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Sales Blog - Lack of Energy

By Steven J. Schmidt (1/4/09)

Energy is one of the most important components of sales. It's everything. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it's completely true. Any of you who have been sluggish, tired, or just worn out from the night before, knows how hard it is to obtain sales. Salesmanship is driven by energy.

I once worked with someone who sold household services door-to-door. We were working door-to-door together in some heavy snow. We persevered through the bad weather as much as we could. We took a break around 12:30 for lunch, and I was ready to go back out into the field. He told me how tired he was, and how he got a bad night of sleep. He said, "My energy is zapped, I didn't sleep well at all, and I am not my usual energetic self."
"That is definitely a problem," I told him. Everyone has different ways of showing their energy through their own techniques of selling. He happens to be a very animated salesman who can just about sell a book to a blind man. He told me when we got back to the car, "I have had two people that I would have normally sold, that turned me down and I pretty much just walked away from them." We decided to leave and not waste the territory, and we focused our energy elsewhere.

Another incident is when I was much younger and I figured I could do it all. Now, I'm not talking about the college years. I know you guys remember that, right? Who wants to play beer pong and go back with me right now?

I remember the one time playing that particular drinking game on a Tuesday night and having to work the following day. I worked my way through college, so I always had some type of responsibility. But, I was thinking to myself, "Nothing is going to stop me from having fun with my friends, drinking, and also being productive and making sales." Now I would be lying if I did not make it work at times, but this time I did not. I drank into the night, played beer pong, and won like seven or eight games in a row. In addition to winning that many games, I had a beer or mixed drink in my hands at all times.

I woke up the following day with a massive headache that two cups of coffee, Alka-Seltzer and reading the entire sports section in the bathroom could not fix. But, I had to go to work and get some sales. This is how bad it was - I felt nauseous when a potential customer gave me an objection and tried to turn it around and make the sale. I think it was something like this: "We will be in your neighborhood to hook some of your neighbors' cable up. Is that something you will be interested in too?" The customer said, "I don't know because I have DIRECTV and the cable company does not have a football channel. If they did, I would give it a try." My response was, "Well here is my card and you can call me if we get that channel."

Normally, that would not be too bad. The only problem is that we just started to carry a football channel. However, I was not nearly rested for my alcohol-soaked brain to remember that we already carried the channel!

The lesson is to get rest, don't drink too much to the point that it'll cost you sales, and be responsible.

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