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Getting Sales Rapidly Through Referrals

By Steven J. Schmidt (2/11/09)

This particular piece that you are going to read right now has a very dear place in my heart. This is all about referrals and how referrals can help grow your business.

As you have read in this Sales Blog section, I like to talk from experience, whether it's my own or from sales people I know personally. Experiences are the absolute best way to learn, from my perspective. It may teach you something brand new to help make more sales (hence more money), or remind you of an old sales tactic that you forgot about.

One summer a long time ago, I was selling window cleaning jobs door-to-door. I sold this particular nice customer by explaining the services that we could do for her.

She asked me, "Can you clean these huge storm windows because the guy who tried to clean these storm windows before could not do them, because he said he would not touch them?"

I replied, "Yes, we not only clean those storm windows; we can make them look amazing." In addition to making a sale on the spot and booking her, she offered me a hot dog she had on her grill.

She called me the day after my company did the window cleaning, telling me how amazing the job was. We also cleaned her gutters, which was happy about too.

Fast forward to the beginning of December. I was knocking on doors in a completely different neighborhood. She was driving her car and stopped me to say hi. We talked and she said, "You should go to my sister-in-law's door right over there, but wait a little while because she just had a funeral for her father."

I waited about a month and called the hot-dog lady. She said, "Go over there whenever you want because I told her how good of a job you guys did."

I went over there and I got the sale with ease. The sister-in-law was extremely nice to me, invited me in, talked about a lot of personal things in her life and of course purchased my company's services. After the sale, she told me to go to some of her neighbors.

The neighbor across the street coincidentally knew my grandmother, so not only did I get the sale and book her too, I got 5-7 names from her, all of which bought my services!

At that point, I'm thinking to myself, "OK this getting crazy. I cannot believe the power of referrals."

I went to the other people that hot-dog lady's sister-in-law referred me to, and one particular person had by far and away the biggest house in the neighborhood. Never mind the fact that he became a client of mine; he happened to be the President of multi-million dollar real estate commercial company who owned hundreds and hundreds of complexes.

Upon making the sale, he said, "Why don't you start with my house, and if it works I will give you my neighbors, and if that works you can bid in for commercial jobs that can make you lots of money."

The idea in this blog is you always have to keep in touch with your customers and ask them for more business, as long as you make sure that they were happy with the service that you provided to them in the first place. Once that is done, they will drop names and phone numbers, and it will only be a matter of time before your business grows rapidly, just like mine did.

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