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Sales Blog - Mental Toughness

By Steven J. Schmidt (7/9/09)

Many salespeople can sell just about anything. Many sales jobs, as we know, are based on commission only or some type of salary plus commission. Therefore, the more you sell, the more money you can make. That in itself right there is enough motivation for many salespeople to sell as many products as they can.

However, I think that if you are a salesperson and you know that you can sell just about anything, why not try to pick something that you might enjoy selling? Additionally, you might want to sell something that you know a lot about. One of the main reasons I'm suggesting this is because you will be more likely to sell more of that service or product. Once that happens you will obviously give yourself the chance to increase your income.

I cannot tell you what you like or what you do not like. I can tell you though what I like. As I have mentioned many times in this sales guide, I was at a major cable company for a little while. In that time period I excelled in moving up from a sales person to management. I also happened to like watching movie channels, including HBO series, such as Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Blood, and many others to name a few. I like the history channel and sports networks too. The main factor here is that I have a lot of product knowledge about cable as a consumer first.

If you love the company or service you're working for, it makes a much easier sale for you. Why? Well, simply because when you are trying to convince someone to make a buying decision on a product you are genuinely passionate about. You will not sound like someone reading off of a script like many salespeople sound like. You will sound as if you are having a regular conversation with a friend.

In the world of cable, you could explain all of the strengths that your company has to offer, and then you will probably ask the customer, "Does your current cable company provide you with the services that we can provide you with? Do you like sports? Well, we have so-and-so specific sports channels do you have them with your company now?"

If you are not into cable, then maybe look at household services or become innovative and think of something that is not currently being targeted through direct sales. All that you have to do is find your niche. Ask yourself what you like to do and what could really help people. If you can find the answer, you are probably that much closer to being happy while selling. And being happy while selling will translate into making more.

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