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Sales Feedback

Sales E-Mail From Gary:

The sales model at our company is 100% through Partners/Value Added Resellers. We make the product and they add software, integration and service for the customer. The reason for my message is my interest and energy in this sales model is at an all-time low. I'm basically a traffic cop controlling the various resellers trying to sell my product ormy competition to the same account. My main job is to forecast, approve special pricing and make sure the re-sellers are selling my product.

The relationship with the customer is owned by the re-seller in most cases, though I do make contact with the end user to make sure my company is the product of choice. I guess I feel a lot of the sale is out of my control and I miss the direct sale of dealing with the customer.

The money is good and so is the pressure. Any advice? I'm 55 years of age and have maintained this job since 1980.

Steven's Response:

Going back to the basics is always the best answer. My specialty has always been cold calling and knocking on doors, residentially or commercially. There is nothing in the industry like face-to-face contact.

I would say to see what you can do in order to start some type of a door-to-door team. You can find teams that will work for you, and of course they are contractors, as you probably know. You could always hire them directly. Find out if you have any costs to hire contractors who are seasoned in sales. If not, maybe look on Craigslist.

I have no problem if you would like to use some of my techniques as a training module if you decide train people yourself, or would like to recommend someone in doing so.

The only thing that I ask is you tell people about the Web site, and think of me as far as a trainer once your business is back up and running productively.

One last thing, please feel free to ask me more questions or comment on anything. We are all going through tough times, but I have no problem helping you out, because you reached out to me.

Sales E-Mail From Casey:

I've enjoyed reading 'The 32 Worst Things You Can Do in Sales.' I've got a couple of questions I'd like to get your opinion on. In your expert opinion, is the lack of sales and marketing alignment within companies still a big issue today? Also, is there a piece or pieces of information that salespeople should be getting to make their jobs easier but aren't?

Steven's Response:

First of all, I appreciate you taking the time to read what I have written. I have been in sales for many years and devoted many hours to write the information on this Web site.

I believe the lack of sales and marketing alignment within companies is still a HUGE issue. Sales is the driving force that companies build their foundation upon. From the sales, you can than brand, advertise strategically and target market effectively.

Here is my problem, and I hope to give you some fresh ideas. The executives, like yourself who will be able to get over the tough times, will be the ones WILLING to do what it takes in order to get sales. By that, I mean new acquisitions along with keeping current customers happy and getting more referrals from existing customers.

Going door-to-door or business-to-business is the way most companies are founded upon. In addition, this will be cost-effective for the company's budget and payroll. The salespeople will earn what they put in, and the company will reap the benefits from the long-term relationships.

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