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Sales Planning - Advertising (Hand-Outs)

By Steven J. Schmidt

When you are working out in the field, residentially or commercially, you must always leave something with your customer. The obvious reason is so that they remember you, and can get in contact with you for a question, comment or problem.

The other reason to do this is because it's professional. You might laugh to yourself and say, "Who doesn't leave their information behind?" Well, you would be surprised as to what I have witnessed in my many years in sales.

I have seen excellent salesmen earn sales and not leave any information behind, simply because they do not want to deal with the problems a customer may have. I have also seen salesmen that obtain a solid number of sales, who leave information behind. These type of salesmen will get more sales and make more money over the long haul than the former example I gave you, because they are willing to go the extra mile for their customers. They're willing to answer any questions and solve any problems that the customers have. And because of that, their customers will refer the salesperson to their friends, family or colleagues.

After making a sale, you should leave a business card with your customer. A business card is key; because people usually carry around business cards in their wallet, and usually have their wallet with them, they'll always be able to refer you to a friend, family member, or colleague when your service is the topic of conversation.

Another solid tool you can leave with a customer is a magnet. Magnets can also be responsible for generating extra sales. The customers will put them on thier refrigerator door, and whenever they get something to eat or drink, they'll see the card. That's why magnets are a great, passive way of imbedding your services or product into your customers' mind.

Other potent advertising tools are fliers or 8-by-11 page florescent papers. Flyers are good to leave behind when the customer cannot make a decision or no one answers the door. The flier should explain why you were there, such as the product or service that you provide. The florescent paper is strong, because florescent stands out. Its purpose is to make the decision-maker stop and actually take the time to look at your flier or florescent paper.

Fliers and florescent papers are great to leave behind with businesses as well. Business cards are always great, but the bigger your advertisement, the better, though you want to make sure it's OK with the business owner for you to leave your fliers. You can leave information at a restuarant, nail salon, supermarket or local barber shop to name a few. You can staple your cards or flyers to polls, or even get signs and post them into the ground of your own lawn.

If you are in the roofing, construction, or just contracting industry, you may want to put a sign into the lawn of the home you were working on. If that customer's neighbors see that you're working in the area, you'll seem more reputable. In addition, they can see if they like your work, and if they do, you may have yourself another client!

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