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Sales Training - Pressure Cooker - Beating Sales Slumps

By Steven J. Schmidt

Being in sales, we have all experienced times when our backs are up against the wall. This can be a drought or just some tough times. But, it's all about persevering, which will get you through those droughts.

There are a few solutions that I've come up with over the years that are successful in allowing you to overcome any obstacles in terms of obtaining sales.

One way is pretty much acting like a bull. What do bulls do? They run right through anything. For example, if you're going business to business selling windows, and you are not getting a single sale, then you want to start your day earlier and finish your day later. It might not be the best method, but the point is that you are forcing your way back into selling and making sales. You are reverting back to the numbers game.

This may not be the smartest way of overcoming sales road blocks, but it's effective, and I have seen many sales reps work like this. It's a desperate way to make a sale, but keep in mind that you should not let the customer see the desperate measures you are in, or let them know how desperate you are for a sale. You have to try as hard as possible to always keep your composure, pretending as if you already had five sales that day.

Another method, which personally works better for me, is cutting your own commission. Let's take the same scenario of selling windows business to business. If the business owner shows the slightest interest, as far as price or what kind of windows you are selling, then you have to make that deal happen.

Say, for example, you give the customer a price on three brand new windows, and the customer says, "That price is a bit too high. Is there anyway you can do better?" If you have not made a sale the entire day, or you haven't come close to matching your quota, then it's time to bite the bullet and take a commission cut, because one sale is better than no sale.

In this type of situation, you can say, " You know what? I have one more day to make my sales quota, so how about if I cut you a deal?" The customer will naturally reply because you just gained their attention. Once you have their attention, that should be a deal that closes right on the spot.

You could say, "This is the price of three windows, and I understand you did not want to spend that much, so how about if I throw a fourth window in for free?" That is considered a DEAL BREAKER. You could even give it to them at half price, depending on your commission structures and the way your company has it set up, of course.

You do not necessarily have to give away a fourth window for free, or even half price. You can simply tell them, "Since I have to meet my quota, I will give you 10 percent off if you put the order in with me right now, and I can only offer this to you right now." Once again, you may be cutting your commission, but if it takes you getting out of the slump, it's worth it.

In conclusion, everyone likes to feel that they are getting some type of a deal, whether that's a percentage off or something for free. Whatever it is, make sure you get out of your slump, and if you have to take the hit, then do it!

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