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Sales Training - Planning

By Steven J. Schmidt

Salespeople need to plan in order to be successful. If you don't have a plan on a personal level, it'll be very hard to produce results. When I used to work in the cable industry going door to door, I would plan my day the night before. I would know where I was working, plan my route and also give myself a goal of how many sales I needed for that particular day.

There are certain tricks to use to increase your sales. If I started to knocking on doors at 2 p.m., I'd strive for four sales by 5. The key here is that I would give myself a particular goal. If I hit that number before 5, I would keep going and see how many sales I could actually accumulate. If I failed to hit that number, I would keep going until I did. The bottom line is the goal you set for yourself - in this particular case the number of sales I wanted to complete- is something you need to reach.

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