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Sales Training - Paperwork

By Steven J. Schmidt

Another tip that's very important in reaching new sales goals is to do paperwork on a daily basis. I know that no one really likes to do paperwork, but the better notes and records you keep, the more you'll be able to increase your sales. You can keep records by storing your notes and reports on a hard file, or you can use a computer. Either way is productive, but remember that this is meant for your convenience and memory.

Say your manager asks you how many businesses you contact per day. If you have notes you can easily access, you'll be able to give him an exact figure instead of an incorrect ballpark estimate. This is information that you should know, especially so that you're aware of how many businesses you need to contact in order to meet your goals.

I used to work with a guy who would keep a Microsoft Excel file on his laptop, using Microsoft Excel. This had to do with his callbacks and appointments he would try to set up. This guy worked door-to-door residentially for AAA. He would go out and make notes on every single door that he would knock on. By the way, this is something that every salesperson, whether they work residentially or commercially, should always be doing. For example, if I knocked on a door and no one was home, I'd put "NH" for not home. If I tried to get the sale but I just couldn't close the deal, I'd put down a "CB", which would stand for a call back or come back.

The guy who worked for AAA would make notes about the "CB's" and he would put the information he took down about those customers into a file. He would grade them from most interested to least interested, and when he would return calls or house visits - usually when there was inclement weather - he would start with the former and work his way to the latter.

Notes should be kept even if you make a sale so that you know whom to go to if you have a new product. If a certain sales tactic worked with that person, maybe you'll be able to strike gold twice using the same method.

You should even keep notes of different objections that you get, especially those you couldn't overcome. A good salesperson should always trying to learn. If you can't get past a certain objection, bring it up in your next meeting or just ask another salesperson how to overcome that hurdle.

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