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Sales Training - Prospect

By Steven J. Schmidt

Prospecting consistently is an important facet of gaining more sales because this has a lot to do with keeping your good customers happy. Lets face it, you're not going to enjoy doing business with all of your clients, Whether you're doing commercial residential sales.

Let's say, for an example, you're an estimator for a window washing company. You knock on a residential door and the person has an attitude as if you're bothering them. You'll see this type of customer all the time. You convince the client to give her a free estimate, and once you do that, she might say, "Oh my goodness, that's so expensive, cant you go any lower than that?" You then reply, "Ma'am, that's the lowest in the business, and if you can beat that price, we will go lower!" She then says, "Well, I'm going to have to think about that."

At that point, you can either leave her a card and hope that she'll call, or you can say, "OK, look, I don't usually do this, but I'll give you $50 off just to show that every customer is important to us!" You have to remember if you're working on commission, you don't want to go too low, where you won't make any of the commission.

The thing about this type of customer is that when you actually go to do the job, they'll nitpick at every possible window you wash and complain about random things. You may do an amazing job and make her windows look amazing, yet she may not refer you to anyone, or tell her friends or family about you at all. However, you still got the business and made a profit, of course.

The flip side to that coin is that for all the headache she was, she may think you did such an amazing job, she will recommend you to some of her friends, neighbors or family members. Hopefully they won't complain as much!

So that'll bring us to the customers that may be a bit more pleasant. These are the customers that may not nitpick at everything and actually let you do the job that you came there to do. In most cases, when you have a customer like this, you want to spend more time with them because there's a great chance that they will give you more business with their family, friends and neighbors.

The point is that you want to always prospect, but the customers that really appreciate what you're doing for them are those you want to pay a bit more attention to them because they are the ones that will gain more sales for you and put more money in your pocket.

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