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Sales Training - Contact Customers

By Steven J. Schmidt

Contacting your customers is very relevant to making sales and keeping your clients happy. This will require paperwork, and I know sales people aren't the biggest fans of that, but we're not talking much. We can continue using the example of an estimator for window washing. The paperwork can always be done manually by hand, but it makes no sense to do that anymore because we have technology at our fingertips.

Lets say that you have a customer who is happy with the job you did and they want you to come back in six months to do it again. That means that you'll make an extra commission off the same customer, so you better hope that you do whatever it takes to keep them happy and satisfied.

You would want to put them in your calendar, and when it's time or maybe a few weeks before, you should call them and remind them. In addition, you want to get to know your customer. When it's their birthday, send them a birthday card just to let them know that you care about them both personally and as a valued customer. You can also find out what holidays they celebrate and then sending them a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah e-mail. If you do stuff like that, the customers may tell their friends, "You have to get your windows washed by this company because they were so amazing, and the sales rep actually called me and sent me a card to wish me a happy birthday. It just made my day."

You must also call your customer immediately after the job is done, to see if they were happy with the results, and if not what you could have been done to make it better the next time. Because you're getting a residual, as you do with a lot of sales jobs, you want the customer to feel like the boss because essentially they are. You're providing a service or product, and you want them to be happy with the job that was done, so that they'll want the service done again.

You also want to keep in contact throughout the year because a customer might want something else done to their house before their six months are ready. If you keep talking to them, they'll probably ask you to do that for them. Once again, you'll make extra commission for taking care of what they need. Even if it's small, you want to make a note of it, so that when you go back six months later, you can do everything in one shot.

I wish there was some type of magic trick or special spell I knew, but it's really that simple when it comes to keeping customers happy. You have to be consistent, and don't forget that once you have a process set up to remind you, it'll be like clockwork.

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