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Sales Training - Limit Time

By Steven J. Schmidt

You have to know that one of the most important parts of sales is time, particularly the time that you spend with each customer.

You've probably heard the cliche "time is money." That my friends, is very true. Because we're on commission, we're always thinking about getting to the next door or business so that we can make the next sale.

In order to get sales, you have to spend time with customers in the first place. You don't want to do a rush job and make the customer feel as if you're there to do a scam job. You want them to feel comfortable, and that you're taking the time to spend to explain everything as thoroughly as you can and making sure you can answer any questions they have.

One example that requires a lot of time is when you have to convince a customer to buy whatever you're selling. Let's say that you're selling alarm systems business to business, and you get a customer who doesn't feel that their business needs an alarm system. You have to take the time to spend with them to overcome the objection, as discussed in the Marketing Plan: Objections section. You have explain why this would be a value and a benefit to their business.

While you and I realize that this may be obvious, some business owners will try to save money at every corner. So then at that point, you have to point out the obvious to the business owner "I understand you may not see a value, but I would hate to see your company get robbed, or even broken into, which could lead to someone being harmed. Is that something that you would want to see?"

Sometimes you just have to put the situation in a different light or come at a customer with a different perspective. This particular customer will take a bit longer, and you'll have no choice but to spend more time with them. These are the customers that will put you over the top with making money.

One type of customer you want to save time with are those who are easier to sell and won't give you such a hard time. You want to have a good relationship with every customer, especially so they continue to come back to you for business. But suppose you're still trying to sell alarm systems to a business owner, and you get an easy sale. There will be times when this customer may want to talk to you about everything under the sun and take up your time.

Don't get me wrong; you want to spend time with this customer and get to know them, but you have to know when to walk away. You have to realize that you have to get to other customers so that you can reach the next level and make more money for yourself and your family. Because you have a good relationship with a customer like that, they'll completely understand when you say, "I'm really sorry to cut this short, but I have an appointment soon, and my boss won't be too happy if I don't meet this month's quota." It doesn't make a difference why you have to go, but just be polite.

In conclusion, you want to spend your time wisely so that you can maximize your productivity into as much money as possible. Once you do that, you'll make more money because you're managing your time more efficiently. I used to work with salespeople who would give themselves a time limit, and once the time limit hit, they would excuse themselves and go on to the next client.

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