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Sales Training - Meeting Agendas

By Steven J. Schmidt

Having meeting agendas is very important for a few key reasons.

First, it lets you prepare what you will cover with the customer in your meeting with them. Sticking to some type of a guideline helps with organization, and whatever the service or product you're trying to explain to your customer, it'll help them understand in a much more fluid manner, as opposed to if you were just saying whatever came to mind.

Having this type of planning is more important in the field of pharmaceutical sales. When you're selling drugs to doctors, you have to have a certain amount of anticipation that they will be very busy with patients, where they may not have the time to talk in detail. Therefore, you want to plan an agenda, such as having the first meeting as some type of a meet and greet, just let them know who you are and what you have to offer.

Your second meeting should be set up at the first meeting or on a follow-up phone call. You want to give some insight as to what you're selling and what the drug can do for the doctor's patients. You should even give them samples so that the doctor can use them during a trial period. After that, you want to follow up with the doctor to see if the patients liked them.

During the third meeting, you have to ask the doctor to buy the drugs from you. Thin about it like this - the doctor would not have met with you all of these times if they weren't interested in buying in the first place.

Another key reason for having an agenda planned out is that if you just shoot off at the mouth, you can usually come across like you really don't know your product or service.

Even after you have a client for months or even years, you want to keep them happy. A meeting can merely be taking them out to lunch or dinner, and just going over the products you have or asking if they would like to upgrade. You're really just making sure that they're still happy with the service or products you're providing.

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