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Sales Training - Work By Appointment

By Steven J. Schmidt

Working by appointment is one of the best ways to save time for the customer and especially you, the sales person. The customer wants to save time because of convenience, and of course they have a life and want to get on with their day too. You obviously want to save time so that you can get to your other appointments so that you can make more money. The more appointments you have, the more chances you will have to close deals, equaling more cash in your pocket.

Unfortunately, throughout the day, there will be unexpected distractions that come that you won't be able to do anything about. But remember, you want the appointments to run your day because that's where your bread and butter is; not the freak occurrences that come up out of the blue.

Insurance agents make deals by the phone and even possibly by the Internet nowadays. However, if you're an insurance agent, you want to talk to a customer in person and you want that relationship to have trust so that it'll seem like you're looking out for your customers' best interest - especially because you're selling them something that will protect them.

A friend of mine used to sell insurance and he had a very productive system. He would cold call businesses during the hours of 8-12 and set up appointments later on. Then, from 1-5, he would go to his appointments that he scheduled. If he didn't have any afternoon appointments set up, he would cold call all day from 8-5. The bottom line is he was very organized and thus made a lot of sales.

Whatever works for you is great, but working by appointment allows you to maximize your time so you can make as much money as possible.

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