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Sales Training - Evaluate Every Activity

By Steven J. Schmidt

Evaluating every activity means using your time wisely and being as disciplined as possible. This is where you have to be tough on yourself. You need to have energy with everything you do during the course of your work day so that you can get as many sales as possible. This is where planning comes into play.

There are a lot of ways of going about this, but here's one example that used to really work for me: I would eat a nice-sized breakfast, and I wouldn't eat heavy at all during lunch. I would then follow that up with a big dinner.

The reason I wouldn't eat much during lunch is because you need as much energy throughout your day as you possible. If you eat a huge meal, you tend to get tired because some of the blood from your head goes to your stomach to process the food and your sugar levels get out of whack (we'll cover this in further detail in our upcoming health and fitness Web site - just kidding). For lunch, I would eat half a sandwich with a piece of fruit and a drink. Anything more, and I'd feel bloated so I'd want to relax. If you're mentally tired, you won't be as productive and your earnings will consequently decrease.

Preparing your territory is another thing you need to plan. You can read about this is more detail in the Sales Tips: Planning page.

You also need to plan out how many sales you want to complete by 1 p.m., how many by 3 p.m., and so on and so forth. After you're done for the day, write down the contacts and call backs, and put all that information into some type of spreadsheet you'll have easy access to. Sometimes having a routine like this is hard, but being disciplined is a key to achieving more sales, and even thriving in your own personal life; it's a way of holding yourself accountable to the goals you set forth for the amount of sales and money you want to make.

Having personal goals, such as buying a new car or house, obviously require money. So, you need to make that money to achieve the goals you want out of life, and that's how you tie your business goals to your personal goals. Once again, the main way to achieve this is by taking advantage of every opportunity and putting 100 percent in every minute of the day.

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