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Sales Training - Anticipate Objections

By Steven J. Schmidt

Overcoming objections is very important in getting the harder sales. You can anticipate objections and even beat customers to the punch if you listen carefully enough. Anticipating objections is when you almost know what objection a potential customer will give you before it actually comes out of their mouth.

Let's say, for example, that a customer has an insurance company, and they are happy with what they currently have. Before the conversation goes any further, you can jump right in and say, "I understand you're happy with Marchette Insurance, but if I can show you how we can save you money with us and still keep you happy, can we have your business?"

Many good salespeople say "can we have your business" because it's such a confident line. It's basically you telling the customer, "I understand that you're happy with what you have, but I will show you a way to save money and stay happy." If you think about it, that's the way business runs in America. Loyalty is great, but only if the company you bought from or serviced you is keeping you happy.

Customer service is down because some companies only care obtaining more business and forget to take care of their current business. This is another reason why people don't have loyalty to companies - because they aren't treated fairly.

Another way to anticipate an objection is to ask the customer, "So are you happy with your company's customer service?" Many people will say no, which is your way in, given that the customer service department in your company is strong. But even so, as long as you tell the customer, "I will do whatever it takes to make your experience with us a happy one, so here's my phone number, just in case you need to reach me for anything," you'll gain their trust and loyalty.

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