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Specific Sales - Telemarketing Strategies

By Steven J. Schmidt

When you're in the business of selling something, especially over the phone, it's all about volume. You need to talk to as many people as possible to get more sales.

I've found that too many salespeople on the phone get into unneeded conversation. Now, I'm not saying to not build rapport with a customer, because that's the whole point. However, you want to get to the next potential customer so that you can get your next sale.

If you're a telemarketer talking to a potential customer, that person will listen to you because you may have said something to break the ice. The sales process doesn't really begin until you break the ice. You have to gain trust from the customer, and by doing so over the phone you must ask questions in a wity fashion.

Let's say you called Ray in the morning, and you get a response, "It's really early, what is it?" You can answer back, "Well, I would have called earlier but I had some things to do." They may take offense to that and hang up the phone, or they may laugh, which is one way to break the ice. Once you break the ice, you can get down to business and both parties will feel comfortable enough to do so.

Do not forget that people don't just buy from a salesperson because they happen to like them. Many salespeople make that mistake and rely on people liking them. The reason you made the sale is because they liked the products or services, and they liked the way you explained those products or services.

You want to get down to the point and ask the question, "This is what we wanted to cover today. Is that what you had in mind too?" It allows the customer to think that you had a plan and that you included them in your plan.

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