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Sales Training - Selling Through the Weather

By Steven J. Schmidt

A few years ago, I was working business-to-business in the communications industry, selling phone services to businesses. The day was very gloomy, as it was raining off and on.

Does that stop a salesman? Do we get paid if we don't sell? Well, I think by now, you should all the know the answer to that.

Therefore, weather cannot ever stop you from selling. I'm talking about any sort of weather - even a hurricane! (Just kidding).

If it's too hot, carry an ice cooler in your vehicle with water bottles or Gatorade to keep yourself hydrated. If it gets to be unbearable, take a break in your car, and crank the air conditioner up and cool off. If you're in the dead of winter, make sure you have a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The fall and the spring are just about perfect to sell in, without any excuses. However, a true salesperson doesn't have any excuses and can sell in any type of weather. Like I said, take necessary breaks when needed, and always remember to live and fight another day if you can't handle the conditions.

Back to the gloomy day. I finally parked my car to get out and start soliciting businesses, and I was stopped three businesses into doing so. I wasn't halted by the police or an emergency phone call; I stopped because it started raining cats and dogs. I had to stop and get back into my car, which was fine, but what wasn't fine, was the fact that I had not made a sale yet.

Luckily,I brought my lunch and some drinks with me, so I ate and waited out the rain. As soon as the rain stopped, I went out and began working fast between the businesses and talked with a sense of urgency to the customer. I had no idea if and when the rain would pick back up.

Nonetheless, I worked hard and efficiently until I got my first sale of the day, which amounted to a nice commission. I was feeling good that I waited out the weather, and I was getting good responses from all the customers when all of a sudden, it started pouring again.

I went back to my car, and thought about calling it a day, but said to myself, "I waited out before, why not wait it out again?" That is exactly what I did, and it eventually stopped raining. I went to the very next business and earned another sale.

The point here is that I could have stopped working after I saw some rain, but how would I have made money? The next point here is that you have to do what it takes to make a sale. The sales business is all about opportunity, and creating the right place and the right time. If that right place and right time requires you to wait for the rain to stop in order for you to make a sale, then guess what? You will wait until the rain stops, so that you can make the sale.

The more dedicated you are to your sales, the more success you'll have in the field. Dedication to your work shows, even if you can't see it on the surface. Customers appreciate dedication and hard work because they feel that you will treat them with the same characteristics. That's why when the customers saw that I was working in the rain, they realized how industrious I am, and that I'll go the extra mile for them, as I do for my work.

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